The subject of sexualisation of children and adolescents is constantly alive. This time, the consequences of this type of behaviour are described in the June issue of "Remedium". Szymon Grzelak, Ph.D., explains that one of the primary ways to prevent developmental disorders and problems of children and the youth, resulting from sexualisation, is properly conducted education and prevention.

"Remedium" has existed on the publishing market for several years. The idea of the magazine is to promote an integral approach to preventing problem behaviours of children and adolescents in the context of the risks to their health and proper development, such as HIV and AIDS, crime and violence, suicide, accidents, injuries and addictions.

"Remedium" presents in an accessible way the knowledge of: 

  •     counselling, psycho-education, methodology of educational work in the school environment and family;
  •     school prevention programs, their development, evaluation and implementation;
  •     research (Polish and foreign) on children and youth, education, health promotion and other.

The readers of "Remedium" are employees of schools, psychological and pedagogical counselling centres, sociotherapeutical and care facilities, as well as professionals working with children and youth from risk groups and non-governmental organizations and local decision-makers.

"Remedium" is listed in the Index Copernicus of more than 400 specialized magazines.

Partners of the magazine are: The State Agency for Solving Alcohol Problems, ETOH - Foundation for the Development of Prevention, Education and Therapy of Alcohol Problems, National Drug Prevention Office, National AIDS Centre. 

Here is available the June issue of "Remedium" (2014).