Youth - the future of the family and the society. Integrated prevention as a new, evidence based and cost-effective approach to prevention of youth problems and risk behaviors.
Organized by the Institute for Integrated Prevention in partnership with World Youth Alliance Europe


The President of IPZIN Szymon Grzelak, PhD is one of the main speakers at the conference “Youth and Family Planning” in the European Parliament in Brussels, Monday, December 4, 2017 (from 4 pm to 8 pm). The conference will be focused on the decisions and challenges of young people as regards family planning. The conference will pay special attention to ways of possible cooperation between the V4 countries (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia) in family matters. Organizers of  the conference are György Hölvényi (Member of the European Parliament and Hungarian civil organization, the Confederation of Family Associations in the Carpathian Basin (commonly abbreviated as KCSSZ).

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We invite you to participate in the conference of Institute for Integrated Prevention:

"Youth – the Future of Family and Society
How to Guide Youth Towards a Happy Marriage and Family These Days"
Paris, 12th of March 2017 [English/French]


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On 7 December 2016 in an open meeting of the Parliamentary Grouping for Pro-Family Policy and Culture Szymon Grzelak, Ph.D. - President of IPZIN - gave a lecture "Seven Levers of Effective Youth Policy as Part of the Local Government Family Policy". The meeting was attended by about 100 representatives of local governments from all over Poland. In the first part of the meeting the Vademecum of a Family Friendly Local Government Official was presented, the chief editor of which is a member of the Polish Parliament, Piotr Uściński, who organized and conducted the meeting. After the speeches of the authors of the Vademecum of a Family Friendly Local Government Official a lecture was held by Szymon Grzelak, Ph.D., presenting the levers of effective youth policy based on IPZIN research published in the Guidebook of Effective Prevention of Youth Problems (ORE, 2015).


Within the framework of the initiated international cooperation, the Institute for Integrated Prevention prepared a short video showing the integrated prevention program of Archipelago of Treasures, supervised by IPZIN. We encourage to familiarize with this 5-minute material. It includes opinions of foreigners about the program Archipelago of Treasures (e.g. Indonesia, India, Zambia, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland) participating in the International Workshops held in English devoted to preventive activities of IPZIN.

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On November 29, 2016 the Institute for Integrated Prevention conducted two lectures and a workshop during the 5th training Conference for health promotion coordinators entitled "Seven Levers of Effective Prevention as a Tool for Implementation of the National Health Programme for the Years 2016-2020." The conference was organized by the Department of Health of the City Hall of Wrocław and was attended by about 200 representatives of educational institutions and officials subordinate to the municipal department of health.




Institute for Integrated Prevention had the opportunity to present for the first time in the Świętokrzyskie province, its own concept of seven levers of effective prevention contained in the Guidebook of Effective Prevention. On November 28, 2016 President of IPZIN, Szymon Grzelak, Ph.D. conducted a lecture entitled "Seven Levers of Effective Prevention as the Foundation of Rational and Economic Management of the Local Social, Educational and Health Policy in the Area of ​​Prevention of Youth Problems" at the conference "Youth - Family - Government. Seven Levers of Effective Prevention as a Basis for a Local Strategy to Support Youth Development" organized by the Governor of the Świętokrzyskie Province, Agata Wojtyszek and the Foundation for Education and Prevention named after John Paul II. 



President of the Institute for Integrated Prevention, Szymon Grzelak, Ph.D. appeared as an expert during the session of the Hungarian Demographic Roundtable in Budapest on 29 September 2016. The lecture of Ph.D. Grzelak was entitled "Early Prevention of Demographical Problems in the Context of the Seven Levers of Effective Prevention" ("Early Prevention of Demographic Problems in the Context of the Seven Levers of Effective Prevention"). The outcome of the research of IPZIN and experience of practical activities related to the program Archipelago of Treasures were presented.




This year marks the 10 years of the presence of the Archipelago of Treasures in the school environment. For this reason, the annual meeting was an opportunity not only to expand own knowledge, but favoured many summaries. Of course there was also time for setting new directions and not just for the beginning school year 2016/2017.





"Love and Sexuality - How to Lead the Youth Nowadays on the Way to a Happy Marriage and Family" - it was the title of the international workshops that we conducted as part of a series of lectures on the occasion of World Youth Day in Cracow. A several hours' meeting, conducted entirely in English, was held on Tuesday, July 26 at the Campus of AGH in Cracow.

The workshop was attended by over 100 people from 20 countries and all 6 continents. Participants valued the professionalism of the presented studies and the workshop of our work with the youth.




Institute fir Integrated Prevention won multi-annual competitions, announced by the City Hall of Łódź:

(1) in terms of the Municipal Program of the Prevention of Alcohol Problems, (see the results)
(2) in the framework of the project "Prevention of teenage pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV prevention." (see the results)

In both competitions, the offer of the Institute has been rated the highest and took first place on the ranking lists. 



Practice shows that an integrated approach to prevention can unite. For behold, some politicians of the previous and the current government, local government officials representing different political parties, as well as the bishops affirm that by combining forces, a lot of good can be done in relation to the youth.





"Youth Policy and Demographic Problems. Results and recommendations" – it was the title of the presentation of Szymon Grzelak, Ph.D. organized by the Office for Dialogue and Social Initiatives at the President's Office. During the meeting, it was possible to familiarize with the latest calculations of the research conducted by the Institute for Integrated Prevention on demographic issues.





On March 7, in the Column Hall of the Provincial Office in Rzeszów a conference was hosted: Youth - Family - Local Government. Seven levers of effective prevention as a basis for a local strategy to support youth development. The organizer and host of the conference was Podkarpackie Provincial Office in cooperation with the Marshal of Podkarpackie Province and under financial support of the Regional Centre for Social Policy. Apart from the Governor of Podkarpackie province, honorary patronage of the conference was given by the Bishop Jan Wątroba, bishop of the Diocese of Rzeszów and the Member of Parliament Halina Szydełko. 




About the Guidebook of Effective Prevention of Youth Problems once again we can read in the latest, January issue of "Świat Problemów". This time it is shown as a proposal of strategy based on a bold but very rational vision that can give oversectoral consistency of actions of the state, local governments, schools and all other entities performing tasks in the area of education and prevention. The entire text can be read in the paper magazine.





On November 27, the Department of Education of the City Hall of Łódź in cooperation with Youth Sociotherapy Centre inaugurated a series of conferences and training for directors of middle schools, entitled "Prevention as an Investment". The inaugural conference was opened with a 1,5-hour lecture by Szymon Grzelak, Ph.D. "Seven Levers of Effective Prevention as a Platform to Build a Comprehensive Strategy of Prevention Activities by the Local Government, Schools and Other Social Partners".




On October 8, 2015 in Warsaw, at the Office of the Prime Minister was held an interdepartmental meeting devoted to the prevention of youth problems and presentation of the recommendation of the research contained in the Guidebook of Effective Prevention of Youth Problems - publication developed in collaboration of the Centre for Development of Education and the Institute for Integrated Prevention. Szymon Grzelak, Ph.D. gave a lecture entitled The effectiveness and consistency in the management of problem prevention based on "Seven Levers of Effective Prevention" - presentation of conclusions from the above-mentioned research report.



The Guidebook of Effective Prevention of Youth Problems has been developed by a team from the Institute for Integrated Prevention and published in September 2015 by the Centre for the Development of Education (under the ESF project). The publication summarizes the experience of many years of positive work of the authors. In our opinion, it is of strategic importance for the formation of the foundations of a coherent program of action in the area of education and prevention, which are based on scientific research, values and practical experience. The recommendations contained therein should be known to the makers of social, educational and health policy. The Guidebook is written in an understandable language and it forms a hybrid between a scientific report and a practical guide. Guidebook will be sent by ORE to the education departments of all local governments in Poland. The authors shall endeavour to reach other institutions with the publication.


Conference on social and developmental consequences of pornography took place in the Column Hall of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland on Monday, 22 June. The initiator of the meeting was the Association Twoja Sprawa (link), and the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Elżbieta Radziszewska, took patronage of the event.





The Institute for Integrated Prevention has once again appeared in the Polish Sejm. This time at the conference: "Family and Society. Together for Marriage and Family". Meeting under the auspices of the Marshal of Sejm, Elżbieta Radziszewska took place on Friday, April 17, 2015. On behalf of the IPZIN appeared Szymon Grzelak, Ph.D. His presentation was based on the research of the Institute for Integrated Prevention and the report of the Centre for the Development of Education. 





"The Importance of Psychosexual Education in School Activities for Health" - it was the subject of the seminar prepared by the Detailed Instructional Team at the Institute of Educational Research held on Thursday, April 9, 2015. One of the lectures was conducted by Szymon Grzelak, Ph.D. Speaker of the Institute for Integrated Prevention undertook a reflection on "Risky Sexual Behaviours and Sexualisation in the Context of Other Problems of The Youth. Lecture on the basis of the research report "Problems of the Youth and the Positive Potential of the Local Community", developed upon the order of ORE. 

Department of Education and Prevention of the Centre for the Development of Education invites

On 23-24 March 2015, a conference was held in Warsaw, on "Health Promotion and Prevention - an Investment in Social Capital", organized within the framework of the system project Improving education management strategies at the regional and local level stage II in collaboration with the Department of Education and Prevention Centre for the Development of Education. On the second day of the conference, one of the lectures was held by Szymon Grzelak, Ph.D., from the Institute for Integrated Prevention. In his speech, he presented the results of research showing the problems of youth in relation to the positive potential of the community. He also wondered how to effectively manage prevention.

The Institute for Educational Research organized on Thursday, 11 December 2014 the seminar entitled: "The Importance of Psychosexual Education in School Activities for Health. School Prevention Programs - Presentation of Good Practices". The main point of the program was a lecture by Szymon Grzelak, Ph.D., entitled "The mechanisms of social acceptance and effectiveness of the preventive program Archipelag Skarbów® [Archipelago of Treasures]".

Educational Research Institute (IBE) is a multidisciplinary research centre conducting research on the functioning and effectiveness of the education system in Poland. The Institute participates in national and international research projects, prepares reports, draws up expert opinions and performs advisory functions. From 1 October 2010, the Institute, pursuant to the Act on Research Institutes of 30 April 2010 (Journal of Laws No. 96, item 618) took the form of a research institute. It is operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Education.


"Remedium" monthly in the next, July-August issue, again devoted much attention to the subject of sexualisation. This time, Szymon Grzelak, Ph.D., from the Institute for Integrated Prevention writes on the one hand about the activities in the public sphere and social campaigns, and on the other hand about scientific research, which are necessary in case of every reasonable prevention.

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The subject of sexualisation of children and adolescents is constantly alive. This time, the consequences of this type of behaviour are described in the June issue of "Remedium". Szymon Grzelak, Ph.D., explains that one of the primary ways to prevent developmental disorders and problems of children and the youth, resulting from sexualisation, is properly conducted education and prevention.

"Remedium" has existed on the publishing market for several years. The idea of the magazine is to promote an integral approach to preventing problem behaviours of children and adolescents in the context of the risks to their health and proper development, such as HIV and AIDS, crime and violence, suicide, accidents, injuries and addictions.

"Remedium" presents in an accessible way the knowledge of: 

  •     counselling, psycho-education, methodology of educational work in the school environment and family;
  •     school prevention programs, their development, evaluation and implementation;
  •     research (Polish and foreign) on children and youth, education, health promotion and other.

The readers of "Remedium" are employees of schools, psychological and pedagogical counselling centres, sociotherapeutical and care facilities, as well as professionals working with children and youth from risk groups and non-governmental organizations and local decision-makers.

"Remedium" is listed in the Index Copernicus of more than 400 specialized magazines.

Partners of the magazine are: The State Agency for Solving Alcohol Problems, ETOH - Foundation for the Development of Prevention, Education and Therapy of Alcohol Problems, National Drug Prevention Office, National AIDS Centre. 

Here is available the June issue of "Remedium" (2014).

"Sex Education in School - Goals, Methods, Problems" - it was the title of provincial training conference organized by the Specialist Psychoprophylaxis Clinic and Family Therapy in Lublin. The meeting was held under the auspices of the Lublin School Superintendent, and media patronage of the monthly "Remedium". During one of the sessions, a lecture about the effectiveness of sex education in the light of the research was held by Szymon Grzelak, Ph.D., from the Institute for Integrated Prevention.




On 4 February 2014, a conference was held in the Sejm, entitled "Ratification of the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence - The Consequences for The Individual, Society and State". About the latest research of IPZIN on the youth attending gymnasiums spoke Szymon Grzelak, Ph.D.

At the invitation of the organizers of the conference, Szymon Grzelak, Ph.D. gave a lecture entitled "The Findings of Empirical Research on Effective Prophylaxis of Problems of Children and Youth, and the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence". As part of the presentation, the latest research results of the Institute for Integrated Prevention were presented, conducted in 2013 in the group of N=5394 high school students. His speech, which complemented a number of comments of lawyers, included some of the objections to the wording of the RE Convention, which is contrary to the global research knowledge about the conditions of effectiveness of prevention and education.

Shared materials:

On the pages of Rzeczpospolita magazine, in recent days it could be read about the attempts to limit the access of children and youth to pornography. Author of the article "Stop Pornography in Mobile Phones" refers, among others, to the research conducted by the Institute for Integrated Prevention.

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Research conducted by the Institute for Integrated Prevention has once again been used in the public debate. This time, at the request of the Family and Social Affairs Committee of the Senate an expert opinion was prepared: "The Role of Fathers and the Attitude of Poles Towards Fatherhood in the Light of Social Research". 

-> Here is available the above expertise.